10 Common Mistakes Girls Do While Applying Eye Liner

We all are fond of applying eyeliners. From usual style to winged one, we experiment a range of eyeliner applying styles. But we are making many mistakes while applying eyeliner. Here are 10 common mistakes

1. If your eyes are small, don’t apply eyeliner on both sides of your eyes. This will make your eyes look smaller.

2. To make your eyes look bigger, apply eyeliner only on the eyelid.

3. Don’t ever put eyeliner only on the bottom line of your eye. This will give your eyes an unbalanced look.

4. Don’t use a black eyeliner every time. Blach eye liner can be good if it’s a night party. In the day time, try using colors like blue, pale green or brown.

5. Don’t ever use a blunt edged eye liners. These may it very hard to draw precise lines.

6. Don’t stretch the side portion of your eyes while applying mascara. if you do this you look aged in your younger age itself, as the skin in this area is very sensitive and soft.

7. Putting a thick coat of eyeliner is another mistake which you are probably unaware of. This will make your eyes look round, rather than long and flat.

8. To look your eyes more open, apply eyeliner close to the lashline.

9. Don’t use liquid eyeliner in your lashline. Instead use soft eye pencil and smudge them using a brush.

10. Never use a white pencil to make your eyes look bigger. Instead use nude colored eye pencil.

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