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SBI chairperson summoned to witness legal fallacy.

MUMBAI:  Bombay High Court summoned State Bank of India  chairperson Arundhati Bhattachary    to remain present in a matter filed by SBI Global Factors.

As the embarrassment unfolded, she informed  court that necessary steps would be taken  to ensure the situation would not be repeated  either by SBI Global Factors or its advocates.

Last year SBI Global Factors had filed  a summary suit which was subsequently dismissed last year, for failure to serve notice to concerned parties.

However early this year, the SBI advocates petitioned court seeking time  to serve the other side.  Justice Shahrukh Kathawalla remarked “The advocate for the plaintiffs is not even aware that the suit is dismissed as far back as in February 2016. This is how matters are being handled by the financial corporations / institutions like SBI Global Factors Limited who apart from engaging the services of professional advocates also have their in-house legal department to monitor the matters.”


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