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Now link Aadhaar to PAN online, despite name mismatch.

Aadhaar is now mandatory to file Income Tax returns and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley,  through his 2017 Budget provided to link it with PAN(Permanent Account Number) too,  to curb tax-evasion.

However, Aadhaar  many times come with short forms or spelling errors while PAN has full names – a big  hurdle when one attempts to link the two.  Now, Govt. has introduced a new solution to  tide over the  mismatch.

A scanned copy of ID  Proof  has to be uploaded on the Aadhaar website and one has to request for  name change based on the supporting proof, to create a match.  Linking Aadhaar to PAN thus smooths out easy.

However, for seeding to take place, the date of births have to be identical.

Now for those wishing to stay their names unchanged, the tax department  will soon come out with One-time Password(OTP) option on e-filing website of  IT department or NSDL.

“This option will help people who have given short forms of their name or in some cases spelling errors in the name provided in Aadhaar card “ a spokesperson said.

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