Fire engulfs migrants camp in France.

Huge fire blazed through a  camp housing 1,500 migrants during a fight between Afghans and Kurds yesterday. The inferno has left at least 10 persons injured.

Crammed huts  at Grande-Synthe camp in northern France, where fire  destroyed nearly everything has been venue to frequent  unrest in the past.

Last November, a man had been stabbed to death brawls are everyday affair. Yesterday’s fight that started the blaze has  left six men with knife wounds.

Owing to periodic violence , officials had planned to dismantle the camp last month.

“There is nothing left but a heap of ashes,” said Michel Lalande, prefect of France’s Nord region. “It will be impossible to put the huts back where they were before,” he added.

The French north coast has been a magnet for migrants trying to reach Britain.

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