Vijay Mallya bails out after brief arrest in London

Liquor baron Vijay Mallya has been granted bail shortly after police arrested him in London

“Officers from the Metropolitan Police’s Extradition Unit have this morning arrested a man on an extraction warrant,” read a Scotland Yard statement. “Vijay Mallya, 61, was arrested on behalf of the Indian authorities in relation to accusations of fraud.”, it added.

The flamboyant businessman left India last year on March 3 and was rumoured to be in UK ever since. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) who probed the bankers’ deals with Mallya that led to losses in thousands of crores, has put in a request to extradite Mallya to India.

Hinting the capture as Modi’s determination, BJP MP Subramaniam said “Narendra Modi means business, it’s time for Mallya to come home”.

However corporate lawyer HP Ranina said, an arrest does not mean strong case for extradition. “We need to see what is covered in the arrest warrant and will challenge this in London’s local court.”

“Deportation is easier, extradition could take time” observed eminent lawyer Ram Jethmalani

Mallya has been declared a willful defaulter by leading lenders including SBI and is wanted for repayment of Rs. 90,000 crore related to Kingfisher Airline, a subsidiary to his company United Breweries

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