Cross demolished in Full Media Glare, Pinarayi Irked

As fresh controversy erupts over demolition of a massive Church cross in full media glare, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan sounds irked by  the eviction team  led by Idukki district collect G R Gokul on the operation.

Pinarayi said  the officials should have paid greater attention to the underlying sentiment and just put a signboard on site, if they are sure it was govt. land to recover.

“The cross is innocent and a huge section of people have their faith put in there. It has been razed without consulting the govt. and creates an impression that the state was against the Crhistian respresentation.” the minister said.

A concrete structure at base was demolished before pulling down the iron cross atop. The entire operation was confidential and carried out after curfew imposed to prevent possible agitation.

The matter will be discussed in a meeting Friday and appropriate decision taken, Pinarayi told the media.


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