Denmark to Deport Old Woman with Dementia Back to Afghanistan

With undertones of anti-immigrant sentiment,  authorities in Denmark have ordered 70-year-old Zarmena Waziri, to be deported to Afghanistan, where her children say, she is sure to die soon enough.

Waziri has suffered multiple strokes, has high blood pressure and wears a diaper.

“She is sure to die unattended if sent back,” says Marzia, her younger daughter  who is her main caregiver and lives in Denmark for past 25 years running a small grocery business.

The case that brings forth humanitarian concerns vis-à-vis letter of law, has now captured headlines across Denmark.

However the Danish authorities counter the blame saying decision to deport is a decision of her own making. “She broke the law : Since Nov 201, her various applications to remain in the country have been rejected three times and she has disregarded every order to leave’

Under UN refugee policy, countries should not force refugees to a territory where they face danger, but in reality allowing asylum is mostly a country’s decision, according to legal experts.

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