French Elections : No Clear Majority, Run-off Elections for Top Two on May 7

France on Sunday went to polls to decide on their next president, but hung without a clear majority setting the top two candidates will Emmanuel Macron  and Marine Le Pen to go for a run-off election on May 7.

In nearly 59-year history of France’s Fifth Republic, this is the first time that both of the final candidates are from outside the traditional left-right party structure.

Macron is a former investment banker who abandoned traditional parties to form his own movement and campaigned on a pro-European Union platform, coupled with calls to overhaul French economic policies.

Le Pen is a political novice and her success speaks for people who oppose European Union and want to see more “France First”. Promises include restricting immigration, protect French industry and limit public signs of Muslim faith including the wearing of head scarves.

Though starkly different in visions for the country, the victory of these two outsiders is a loud rebuke of France’s traditional mainstream parties bringing in its uncertainties  including future of European Union.

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