Macron crushes Le Pen to become youngest French President

Mon, 8 May 2017 : With almost all votes counted, the pro-business candidate Emmanuel Macron has emerged as next president of France.

Macron has topped 66 percent of the vote, as election ministry finishes with 99 percent of country’s 47 million registered votes, to become the youngest French President at the age of 39.

Early projections form polling agencies had indicated that Macron would beat his far-right opponent Mareine Le Pen.

Macron was out-going President Francois Hollande’s former Finance Minister before founding his own centre-left party En Marche and run for president himself.

Hollande congratulated the new president and said the result shows French people want to unite around “values of the republic”

Macron told AFP : “ A new page in our history is turning tonight” and he wishes it to be ‘one of hope and rebound trust” .

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