People starting to prefer good theatre over quality cinema : Shah Rukh Khan

In a reality check retrospective, Shah Rukh Khan said  that watching cinema is a total experience of the hours in hall rather than quality of the movie make alone.

“Earlier, during my childhood we used to watch lots of good film in bad theatres. These days, good cinema theatres are overtaking the quality of films now,” Shah Rukh said.

Technology, the mega star says, has leaped bounds taking experiences that leaves one feeling good and the film is a part not totality.

Shah  Rukh Khan was inaugurating a state-of-the-art theater at R City mall, in southern suburb of Mumbai.

After the inaugural, he said, “Film watching is always experiential. This kind of beautiful, technically advanced theatre with 3D, laser projection that offers good experience to our audience, also encourages us to make good films.”

The theatre boasts nine screen laserplexes,  58,000 square feet interior and will offer interactive automated box office, interactive menu and LED video wall.


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