Kerala Godman’s Castration : Voices For and Against slitting manhood

Given the ordeal of having endured sexual exploitation 5 years at hands of godman Hari Swami, overwhelming  public support and a pat from ruling party leaders, police at Petah station refrained from proceeding any charge against the 23-year-old girl, who chopped the predator priest’s genitals.

However in perspective, views for and against the castrating act emerged soon after the incident. Here we bring you a handful of opinions from familiar names.

Brave girl, the right thing to have done  : Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan

The first of public lauds came from Chief Minister Vijayan himself who said, “It (the bobbitising) was a courageous step beyond doubt”  Hinting support in days ahead the minister said “She has acted in the rightful manner. Now on our part , we have to render support:.

Right thing, else the godman would have got away with it : BJP Surendran
BJP leader K Surendran asks in retrospective, “What would happen if the girl would not chop off the his genitals and approached the police instead? Practically nothing. The investigation would reach no where and he Godman would have escaped.”
Commenting on remarks of BJP state president Kummanam Rajashekaran having met the sanyasi at congregations a couple of times, Surendran said “It is ridiculous to allege that all men in saffron are close to Rajashekaran. Apart from having casually met at sanyasi meetings, the president has not associated with this man”.

Chop off a man’s genitals in self-defence, that’s not a right message: Actor Joy Mathew
In a far fetched analysis of Chief Minister’s support for the incident, actor Joy Mathew says Pinarayi Vijayan’s hailing the castrating act shows the govt. is not able to protect women.
“People celebrate such incidents when there is no respite in sexual attacks against women. Is not  just justification a craving for violence” he asks in a FB post.
Expressing fear for plight of men at hands of ‘bold’ women the post  continues “The Chief Minister, who also holds the home portfolio, not only supported the incident of chopping off genitals of the godman, but also termed it as a bold action. This means that the government has approved that a woman can chop off a man’s genitals in self-defence. ” Joy added

It’s a premeditated act: Dy Commissioner

Deputy Commissioner of Police Dr Arul R B Krishna said there was no provocation to incite the act on Friday night — “She was decided on chopping  off the swami’s genitals some time back.  and chose Friday to execute it”

The 54-year-old godman Hari Swami frequented the house of the victim to perform poojas and other rituals for the family since 5 years. Most of these visits ended up in sexually exploiting the then minor girl and the assaults continued with an all-knowing mother turning a blind eye. The girl now aged 23 says the abuse that began since her high school days was  becoming  unbearable and she planned to end it once and for all.

Swami had arrived on Friday evening on pretext of rituals. Anticipating assault under cover of night, the girl kept a knife ready under pillows. Close to midnight the  godman slipped into her room and in a flash she swung the blade and sliced his genitals to end the ordeal forever.

Swami recuperating from the wounds has been placed in remand.

Meanwhile, the girl’s family has come out with allegations of being swindled a neat Rs. 40 lakhs by the godman. Police are intensifying their probe into the godman’s background, Circle Inspector at Pettah Police station said.

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