36 dead after gunman sets fire inside a Casino in Phillipines

Hours after a gunman set fires, at least 36 bodies have been found at the biggest hotel-casino in Philippine capital of Manila on Friday.

Though the exact count of casualties has not been declared, local television agencies cited at least 42 bodies in their grabs.  Most victims died suffocated in thick smoke.

The culprit burnt himself to death in a hotel room inside the complex, he added.

When police first rushed to the hotel in early hours on Friday, there were fears that it was under a terrorist attack, but their findings allayed the fears.

The shooter initially shot a television set and set fires but did not shoot anyone, indicating his intent was not to kill anyone and that he was terrorist said police spokesman Oscar Albaylde.

The police described the man as ‘big build, white and English speaking”.
Investigations are underway and preliminary findings give an impression that ‘he was mentally disturbed. He just went inside, burnt the tables, shot at door knob and set fires’ Albaylde said.

When the news first broke, US President Donald Trump in the middle of his announcement of pulling US out of Paris Climate Accord, condemned the incident as ‘terrorist attack” though he didn’t say how US determined that attack was terrorism .

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