Slammed for being coal-hog, India does a turnaround : Paris Accord

As President Donald Trump pulls United States out of the Paris Climate accord citing India’s building spree of coal-fired plants, India switches to an astonishing reversal , going for solar power.

Up to recent time, world watched nervously and India more than doubled its capacity and still claimed more was needed. Officials said, coal output would almost triple to 1.5 billion tons by 2020.

On Friday Trump had voiced the uselessness of US and other developing countries curbing their carbon output, when countries like India march recklessly the coal way.

Albeit driven by steep fall in cost of solar power, experts now say that India will have no need of any new coal-fired plants at least for a decade and after that will rely on renewable sources for all its additional power needs. In fact the existing plants are now being run below 60 percent capacity.

Many coal-fired plants in early planning stages are being cancelled.

India is world’s third largest emitter of greenhouse gases behind China and United States.

President Barack Obama had spent much attention at the time of signing Paris agreement in pushing Prime Minister Narendra Modi to sign the accord.

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