Modi backs Mohanlal’s upcoming Mahabharata, calls it ‘pride of the nation’

The 1000 crore budgeted mythological epic Mahabharata starring superstar Monhalal’s trouble with tittle seems over as Prime Minister Narendra Modi felicitated the actor over the project that will bring alive the tale of kings, warriors and powerful queens.

The film is an adaptation of MT Vasudevan’s  novel Randamoozham.  Hindutva groups had  questioned the tittle name arguing that a film based on  Ved  Vyasan’s Mahabharata alone can don that name. The   the new project, they said,  should rather take on its source tittle Randamoozham.

The hiccup has however now vanished as Modi  in a letter to Mohanlal conveyed his praise for  theme and added that it would be a matter of pride for the entire nation.

Earlier, Kerala Hindu Aika Vedi President KP Sasikala had hinted threats to stall the film’s release until the name was struck off. “We are happy but the Hindus here have a condition – only a film which is close to the story of real Mahabharatham written by Vyasan should carry its name. No other movie can be named Mahabharatham,”  Sasikala had said.

The movie will be directed by Shrikumar Menon and is expected to begin in summer of 2018. The story narrates from the perspective of Bheema, to be played by Mohanlal and will be made in two parts, each to be 3 hours long.

Meanwhile the Dubai based businessman Shetty who will fund the project said, the movie will release as Randamoozham in Malayalam and Mahabharata in all other versions.


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