Ship Collision : Captain and Crew of Amber L being interrogated by Multiple Agencies

Investigators from multiple agencies began interrogating the captain and crew of Amber L, the ship that collided with Indian fishing boat killing 2 two days back.

The captain is a Greek national  and after instructions from Kerala High Court, the voice recorder, voyage chart and log book of the ship had been seized providing clues to events in the buildup to collision.

The investigation team comprises Capt. Shaji Abraham, Capt. Suresh Nair, Surveyor of MMD, Capt C K Kiran, Engine and Shipping surveyor of MMD Dinik CK, an Immigration Officer , Deputy Commandant of Coast Guard Jobin and personnel of Coastal Police.

Meanwhile twelve personnel drawn from the Mercantile Marine Department (MMD), Coast Guard, Immigration, Customs and Kerala Coastal Police also boarded the ship on Monday to collect evidence of the collision.

Amber L is said to have switched of all lights to flee from the collision site, but the Coast Guard and Indian Navy apprehended it nevertheless and fetched it into custody.

The ship has been ordered to stay with Indian authorities until investigations are complete and is being constantly monitored by Remote Operating Station (ROS)

On Sunday around 5.30 am the Panama registered cargo shit slammed into fishing boat Carmel Matha that sailed out from Thopumpady harbor on Friday for fishing. All the 14 fishermen on board were asleep when the sudden impact threw them off board into the sea. All but three survived after struggling in deep waters for more than two hours before being rescued by a passing boat.

The Ship was built in 2000 and has a length of 186 m and beam of 31 m. Until 2013 , it was known as Amber K

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