Boyfriend’s Plot : Woman Claims She Didn’t Butcher Hari Swamy’s Genitals

In stark contrast to her earlier version, the alleged victim of sexual assaults by Ganeshananda Theerthapada aka Hari Swamy, the woman now  states that she has never been harmed by the priest ever and also that it is not she who severed his genitals.

The woman stated these conflicting narration in her letter to Swamy’s lawyer and said the whole plot was hatched by her boyfriend Ayyappadas, to entrap the priest.

She goes so far  as to describe Ganeshananda as a nice person who always treated her as his own daughter.

The woman alleges that police are to blame for her earlier narrations, she claims were fake.

“Police forged statements regarding sexual assault” she said.

Regarding her involvements she says, “Ayyappadas, a man known to our family,  misled us into believing that Swamy has been exploiting us in money terms. As part of their plot, I was asked to rush to ADGP Sandhya , who lived in the neighbourhood, to allege sexual advances by Swami ever since I was 16. “

“However knowing her dislike for my family and Swamy, I hesitated ”.

Recounting the May 19 incidents, she says “Ayyapadas planted a knife in my hands and asked to severe Swamy’s genitals, but though I neared him I could just not do it”

“After some time,” she continues “I heard Swamy’s cries and ran out of the house and as prompted by Ayyapadas, this time I ran to Sandhya’s house but she did not open the door. I then reached police station and that’s when the whole story got upturned”

According to the woman, police rewrote the statements several times and she could not read it all as she was taken for medical examination. On return, she alleges, she merely signed it without bothering to read.

Several police officers contacted me and they asked me to state that my mother had illicit relations with  Swamy.

“They kept me away from parents and was asked to state all these while giving confidential statement to magistrate,” the woman claimed.

Meanwhile, Swamy’s lawyer has submitted bail plea together with the letter that sets latest twist.

Shortly after May 19, the woman’s mother and brother had alleged that the girl committed the act in vindication as Swamy along with the family strongly opposed her affair with Ayyapadas.

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