DGP backs Yatish Chandra. Clips Manipulated to Mislead Public, says Senkumar

DGP TP Senkumar today backed DCP Yatish Chandra’s controversial lathi charge unleashed on Puthuvype protestors saying media has mislead the public through mix-up of video clips.

Detailing the incident, he said  Puthuvype protestors  unexpectedly showed up at High Court junction of Friday, threatening to block Prime Minister’s motorcade next day, when Modi was due to arrive to inaugurate Kochi Metro.

That stretch being the road where PM’s motorcade was charted to travel was under high vigil with test runs in progress.

When protest threatened to spill the cordoned high security road, it was important to push back the attempt and agitation, hence Yatish rushing to the spot and doing whatever was necessary to thwart the threat was rightful, Senkumar justified.

Televisions across the state however showed police action at Puthyuvype, where as part of protecting IOC gas terminal, police on guard there resorted to mob control measure against violent and narrated  injured members of public there as victims of Yatish’s act at High Court, he added.

“Yatish never went to Puthuvype” the chief said calling the media pairing video clips of the separate incidents  bogus.

The Backdrop
On 15 June, residents at Puthuvypin launched indefinite agitation against construction of a LPG terminal at IOC’s plant there. Protestors claim the construction contravenes order issued by National Green Tribunal (NGT) on August 2016 which states that no construction work may be done in the inter-tidal zone between 200 and 300 meters from the coastline.

The sit-in protests are under the aegis of Puthvype LPG Terminal Virudha Janakeeya Samara Samithi .

“We are not against the LPG terminal, but we don’t want the terminal to come up in Puthuvype, which is a densely populated area. The LPG tanker accident in Chala and Karunagappally and the pipeline accident in Andhra Pradesh indicate the dangers involved in handling LPG. The plant at Elamkunnapuzha in Puthuvype will put our lives at risk,” said M B Jayaghosh, chairman of the Samithi.

Residents suggest that IOC set up the facility in Wellington Island.

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