Village Assistant named in farmer Joy’s suicide note surrenders

Kozhikode : Chembanaoda Village Assistant Sileesh Thomas, who has been blamed in farmer Joy’s suicide note for oppression, has surrendered to police on Monday night.


Sileesh had gone into hiding soon after news of Joy’s suicide broke out. The department had suspended him after finding him named in the suicide note and he was charged with driving Joy to suicide.

The police trailing missed him  at close length when he escaped arrest in Wayanad.
Joy hanged himself in front of village office on 21 June after officials repeatedly refused to accept land tax– a pre-requisite to mortgage or sell one’s property – despite have all legitimate records. In the aftermath of the suicide, tax was accepted within 24 hours during which relatives found suspicious corrections made in village records  pertaining to Joy’s land.  The incident also brought to light hundreds of cases, where legitimate land owners face similar oppression at hands of village officials.


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