‘Mystery Woman’ involvement hinted, police search for clues in actress abduction case

Actor Dileep’s  interrogation on 29 June has brought on radar a mysterious ‘madam’, whose involvement in the abduction of the popular actress, is being looked into by investigators.

According to Dileep, Advocate Fenny Balakrishnan of Solar Scam fame had called him thrice and hinted involvement of a woman in the plot.

Fenny reportedly told Dileep that Pulsar Suni, the prime accused, together with two aides Manoj and Mahesh, had approached him to facilitate surrender before court.

Fenny then recommended surrender in Mavelikkara court, but the three men said they  would finalise the matter after consulting ‘madam’.

With new angle opening up, police are preparing to quiz Fenny for more details.

Meanwhile the cyber wing’s findings indicate Pulsar Suni and Dileep to have been under same mobile tower a few days before the actress was attacked.

The Backdrop

The popular Malayalam actress was waylaid and molested her way from Thrissur to Kochi by Suni-led 4-member gang  on 18 Feb. Pulsar Suni  urging her to co-operate in semi-nude clip recordings allegedly with intention to blackmail. After the molestation, the distraught actress complained to police about the ordeal leading to the arrest of Suni and close aides who are currently lodged in jail.

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