Actress Assault Case : Police search Kavya Madhavan’s Kochi boutique

KOCHI : Police searched online boutique store Laksyah, belonging to actor Dileep’s wife Kavya Madhavan, at Mavelipuram in Kakanad around 11 am on Friday in an operation that lasted 3 hours.

Documents, financial transactions and digital records of the firm were examined during the raid.

The operation was carried out in hopes to make headway in the case, where the Malayalam actress was waylaid and molested by a 4-member gang on 18 February allegedly for blackmail using semi-nude pictures taken during the incident.

In a letter sent forth from prison by prime accused Pulsar Suni, he made a mention of having visited a ‘shop in Kakanad’ twice after assaulting the actress. Actor Dileep who is rumoured to have a role in the plot and was questioned by police on June 29.

Today search is intriguing after advocate Fenny Balakrishnan’s alleged revelation about involvement of a woman in the case

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