Bobbitised Swamy Case : Woman fails to show up, No lie detection test says court

In the plea by police seeking lie detection test for woman who allegedly chopped genitals of godman Gangeshananda aka Hari Swamy, the court ruled on Monday that the test shall not be done as the woman has not appeared in court to express consent.

This being the second time the woman failed to show up on hearing date, the court reprimanded her (lawyer).

The woman is plaintiff in the case and is known for changing her version of the story from time to time , hence the lie detection test sought by police.

The court made it clear that further proceedings cannot pursued in the case with woman staying absent meaning the police who claim to have received evidence against the woman are now better positioned to move matters.

The Backdrop
Swamy, a friend to 23-year-old girl’s family, was admitted to Trivandrum Medical College with genitals severed and bleeding profusely on May 19. The girl initially claimed that she was sexually abused by the priest from teenage and she resorted to castration in a bid to offset his advances. The girl later changed her version saying the whole incident was plotted by her boyfriend Ayyapadas who abused her sexually on promise of marriage. She further contended that he swindled both her family and Swamy of Rs.14 lakh adding that Swamy was a pious man who never caused her any harm.

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