Pulsar Suni Claims Torture. Tells media, Big Sharks are Yet to Fall into Police Net

KOCHI : The prime accused in the sensational assault case, where the popular Malayalam actress was waylaid and molested on her way to Kochi by a 4-member gang on 17 Feb allegedly for blackmail with semi-nude pictures clicked during the incident, Pulsar Suni told Angamaly court today that he was subject to torture by jail officials.

A doctor was summoned but reported that there were no symptoms of torture upon examination.

Despite rough treatment however, Suni preferred to continue his prison time rather thatn  bail out as he feared there was ‘risk to his life outside’

The accused also appealed to the court to appoint Adv BA Aloor for his defence instead of Adv Tenny. Both lawyers embarked on a war of words on the issue with Tenny remarking that an advocate does not visit court looking for clients. As the drama roughed up, the court came down heavily upon Aloor warning him to refrain from speaking uncalled matters.

Meanwhile, after procuring memory card containing visuals of the assault on actress inside the moving car, police look to question actress Kavya Madhavan’s mother Shyamala known to be running the boutique from where the visuals are rumoured to have been seized from.

Suni was brought to Angamaly court after his remand period ended. He told the media waiting outside the court that  ‘big sharks are yet to fall in the police net’ .

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