Sexual assault case : Nadirshah, Dileep’s brother Anoop and Appunni grilled

According to police sources, Dileep’s brother Anoop, manager Appunni and director Nadirshah are being grilled, to put missing pieces of the conspiracy puzzle in place.

Vishnu, Pulsar Sunni’s cellmate, had visited Dileep’s house in Aluva to handover the Pulsar Suni’s handwritten letter from jail. He also sent a copy to of the paper to the actor’s manager Appunni via WhatsApp.  Vishnu allegedly obtained Appuni’s app no. from Anoop.

It is not however clear on the role Nadirshah is suspected of.

Dileep, though he is said to be included in the list of accused.

It now transpires that surveillance on Dileep and Pulsar Suni during the probe revealed how the actor called his wife, friends and relatives through his usual number but used a private number to contact a few others.

The calls were intercepted and the persons contacted over the secret number were interrogated which led to incriminating evidence that sealed actor’s arrest.

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