Trouble deepens for Dileep, links to Actor Kalabhavan’s death mooted


Actor Kalabhavan Mani’s death has been linked to Dileep, the second accused in sexual assault on popular Malayalam actress, after director Baiju Kottarakkara claimed the two are related and pertains to real estate deals between them.

Kalabhavanmani’s death, shrouded in mystery, is being probed by CBI and his brother ELV Raamakrishnan, who cried foul from the time of death accepts high possibility of Baiju’s allegations.

Baiju says he has an incriminating call recorded and is ready to provide it to CBI if called upon.

Ramakrishnan says he doubted the death was ‘quotation’ and also that there were real estate issues to be addressed and that land mafia was behind his brother’s death.

Kalabhavan died on the night of 6 March 2016 at age 45/ The police registered a case of unnatural death due to presence of excessive methyl alcohol content in his blood. The probe into death was later taken up by CBI

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