High Court refuses Dileep bail , says the crime is unparalleled

Dileep headed back to Aluva subjail as High Court on Monday rejected  his application for bail citing that the nature of crime was unparalleled and further said a release from jail could endanger life of the molested actress.

The court observed that there exists prime facie  evidence to prove the Dileep’s  part in plotting and further cited that a man who hires assaulters to brutally rape a woman albeit in vengeance, is inconceivable and granting bail with investigations still underway would be a grossly wrong thing to do.

Prosecution who opposed the bail maintained that Dileep is the key person  and arrayed evidences, many of which were backed scientifically. It also pointed out that Dileep being owner of enormous wealth and links to influential people could derail witnesses and tamper evidence.

Earlier this month on 17 July, Dileep was heard in Angamaly court which too had refused to allow him bail.

According to sources, Dileep might not purse bail plea with Supreme Court as legal odds are  hugely against him

The Case
The popular Malayalam actress  was waylaid and gangraped by a hired 4-member gang on 17 February allegedly in vengeance nurtured by actor Dileep, in the breakdown of his first marriage mired in an adulterous affair.


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