Several actors including senior stars knew Dileep’s assault plan in advance : Police

KOCHI :  Investigator have stumbled upon startling revelations that point to several actors in Malayalam cinema including senior artistes for their prior knowledge of Dileep’s plans to attack the actress.

The list of people who had clear idea of the forthcoming occurrence where, the actress would be assaulted, has been prepared by police.

Probe officers also seek to know the deliberations at the annual general body meeting of Association of Malayalam Movie Artists (AMMA), to find if there were clues to the imminent attack at the congregation.

It is being conceded that, animosity between Dileep and the victim was fairly known to almost all in the film fraternity. And some among them had knowledge of his nefarious plans to avenge.

If all goes well in terms of free hand to question, the team plan to grill all the celebrities irrespective of their stature.

Edevala Babu , AMMA’s secretary, was interrogated mainly to construe what transpired at the association’s meeting.

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