Kerala High Court intervenes again, this time lifts Life Ban on Sreeshanth

After flaying AFI in PU Chitra case, another sports governing body, falls out of Kerala High Court favour, as it scrapped the life ban imposed on cricketer Sreesanth by Board of Control for Cricket in India(BCCI) in connection with spot-fixing scandal of 2013.

The court had earlier sought BCCI’s stand on the petition filed by Sreesanth seeking to challenge its life ban that restricted the cricketer from playing cricket tournaments organized by the Council or its affiliates.

BCCI filed a counter on the matter saying “The decision of the sessions court to acquit the petitioner from criminal charges has no impact whatsoever on the decision of internal disciplinary committee of BCCI to ban the petitioner from playing cricket tournaments organized by the BCCI and/or its affiliates.”

The Disciplinary Committee, BCCI claimed, was only concerned if Sreeshanth was guilty of match fixing, corruption and gambling in violation of the council’s internal rules.

Acknowledging, the general law might view things differently BCCI said, the standard of proof required under a penal statute was much higher than the proof required for a disciplinary inquiry.

In July 2015, the Patiala House Court had acquitted all 36 accused in the spot-fixing scandal however BCCI had refused to alter its disciplinary decision.

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