Speaker moots action against PC George’s continued rant : Actress Assault case

Thiruvananthapuram : Despite wide criticism of MLA PC George’s victim blaming style and defending accused actor Dileep in the sensational case, where a popular Malayalam actress was waylaid and sexually assaulted in a moving car on 17 Feb, the legislator continues unabated with resentful remarks over media every other day.

Remarks that range from ‘how can a molested girl report to work next day’ to ‘Dileep(accused) is innocent and the whole thing is a sham’, George appears unstoppable as he deliberately drops a derogatory remark at several public functions.
“Mahabharata the devastating war was triggered by Dushashana stripping Draupathi. Even ages later, the acts continue to be repeated,” speaker Sreeramakrishnan said in his Facebook post.

As George, the lone independent MLA of Kerala continues to taunt and blame the assault survivor, the speaker has said he will take strictest possible action against the legislator for his continued rant.

George was recently in news for pointing a pistol at protesters in an estate in Kottayam.


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