KSRTC temporary workers will be laid off en masse

Reshuffling : KSRTC temporary workers to face layoff en masse

27 August 2017

Thiruvananthapuram : Most of KSRTC  8549 employees face layoff as the department prepares reshuffling based on the new single duty system.

After switch over to the new system, a survey found that most depots had conductors and drivers exceeding requirement.

Figuratively, there are 13,000  drivers and 12,000 conductors on permanent basis while there are only 5000 buses. Recently 80% of the buses have shifted to single duty or one and half duty.

Earlier in double duty system, 2.75 workers were needed for one-schedule. This reduced to 1.25 workers with introduction of single duty system. Also the weekly holiday came to be allowed only after 6 days of work meaning only 2 temporary employees got replacement duties in a week.

The department will first try to appoint those in excess list to depots with shortage, the management said.

Also, those being trimmed out after such exercise will not completely exempted, they claimed. Those relieved of their jobs now, will serve to be standby assuming duties when regular employees are absent or when more buses are scheduled.

Meanwhile, the unions expressed concern at the enormous layoff and suggested that more buses and routes be introduced to solve the employment crisis.

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