Bhavani teacher, who became mother at 62, passes away aged 75

Kalpetta, KERALA : Bhavani teacher, who made headlines by giving birth at 62 post menopause, died in a private hospital in Kalpetta aged 75

Bhavani was under care of “Vayojana Vedi” including medical expenses after relatives refused to turn up despite intimating her deteriorated health resulting from damage to heart and brain.

Bhavani’s ardent desire for motherhood saw her undergo IVF at age of 62 and give birth to a baby boy, who later died drowning in a bucket of water. To cope up with the loss, she forayed into teaching.

She was admitted to the hospital following discomfort during class hours.

Bhavani had married the second time prompted by her first husband, but failed to conceive a child. She then nudged her second husband to marry a different woman, but was humiliated when not allowed to see their newborn.

She then proceeded to seek medical help and delivered a test tube baby her own.

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