Sasikala implicates Congress of Lankesh murder, urges secular writers to perform life-saving ritual

Kochi   : In a remark that has caused uproar, Hindu Aikya Vedi Chief KP Sasiskala  said Congress needs such(Gauri Lankesh’s) murders whereas RSS is well off and growing despite criticisms.

She further urged secular writers to perform a mrithyunjaya homam – a ritual performed to extend one’s life – to protect themselves from fated meted out to Lankesh who was shot dead allegedly for being outspoken.

“RSS only grows bigger with criticisms and they have no necessity to wipe out opposing forces. But Congress needs such murders so, the writer better perform a mrithunjaya homam to avoid Lankesh’s fate” she said in her speech.

Congress MLA VD Satheeshan has called for government action for derogatory implications when the murder investigators are still groping for the elusive killer.

The MLA further said that Sangh Parivar is trying to ignite communal emotions to hide govt failures and its inability to achieve development promised in its election manifesto.

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said, the remarks undermines the development  literate Kerala has achieved up to now.


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