Visitor’s register at Kavya’s Villa destroyed, Staff to be questioned

Kochi : Against the backdrop of prime accused Pulsar Suni claiming that he visited jailed actor Dileep’s wife Kavya at her villa, the visitor’s register that would prove incriminating is now claimed to have been destroyed by rains that seeped into the security cabin at the gate.

The register records visitor’s names, phone number and time of visit and leaving. Suni claims visiting  the villa immediately after completion of the the sensational  abduction because he did not find Kavya at her cloth store Lakshaya, as planned earlier.

Police meanwhile refuse to buy the rains-damage story and hinted that the security will be summoned up for thorough questioning.

In another development, Dileep will submit his third bail application at the High Court on Wednesday seeking relief in connection with the abduction case where a popular Malayalam actress was waylaid and sexually assaulted in a moving car on Feb 17, allegedly by goons hired by him.


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