Nadirshah’s BP shoots up; Interrogation halts, postponed

Kochi : Actor-director Nadirshah, summoned by police at Aluva club by police for questioning, developed discomfort disrupting the talk rounds as doctors advising to stop the process till his condition stabilized.

Nadirshah reported to the probe team at 9.30 am but as questioning began, started to exhibit uneasiness. A medical team was summoned who noted surge in blood pressure and asked to refrain from causing any further stress to the actor.

It is not immediately clear when Nadrishah will be summoned again.

Earlier Nadirshah had submitted anticipatory bail plea to be heard on 18 Sept. The High Court had  asked him to appear questioning rounds with ruling that he may not be arrested until the case came up on Monday.

Police are looking to find Nadirshah’s possible involvement in destroying evidence pertaining to the sensational case where a popular Malayalam actress was waylaid and sexually molested in a moving car on Feb 17.

The prime accused Pulsar Suni mentioned Nadirshah as being closely acquainted and that he received Rs. 25,000 from him demanded from actor Dileep, a claim the actor denies.

Nadirshah and jailed actor Dileep’s brother were grilled 2 months ago and police is said to have found discrepancies in statement prompting further interrogation.

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