Woman hires older son to kill younger one; Alleges sexual abuse

Mumbai : In a bizarre tale, a 55-yr-old mother in Mumbai paid Rs. 50,000 contract to her older son to have the younger one murdered, allegedly frustrated by sexual abuse at his hands.

On Aug 21 an unidentified body was recovered from a water-filled quarry in Vasai. There were stab wounds to the neck and the arms bore tattoos “Ramcharan: and “Rajani”.

Police soon  released photographs of the body but failed to find clues.

Then, on Sept 14  a woman at Bhayander police station  identified the victim from photograph as Ramcharan and police approached mother Rajni for details.

She said her younger son was missing but did not file a formal complaint as Ramcharan, who worked in a factory in Vasai,  was in the habit of staying away without informing.

On further questioning, Rajni confessed to handing out Rs. 50,000 to older son Sitaram to kill Ramcharan as ,she claimed, he regularly abused here sexually.

Ramcharan , the mother said, had raped his stepmother earlier after fetching her to city from their native town. He also attacked another woman relative who threatened to inform the police, Rajni said.

Interestingly, she did not confide in her husband Ramdas who was ignorant about the whole thing until police appeared on the scene.

According to the mother, on August 20, Sitaram woke up Ramcharan asking to check out a few vehicles at the square.

He then, with help from friends Rakesh Yadav ,23, and Kesav Mistry 21 murdered Ramcharan and dumped the body in the water-logged quarry.

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