Ryan school murder : CBI takes over probe but Padyuman’s father is not happy

Gurgram, HARYANA  :  CBI on Friday registered FIR in the case where seven-yr-old Pradyuman was murdered in the toilet of Ryan International School in Gurugram. However the victim’s father Varun Thakur is worried about evidences being manipulated out of place as probe seems to proceeds in a slow manner.

CBI took eight days to register FIR after centre govt notification to take up te case.

“In such a sensitive case, chances of evidences being destroyed and witness manipulation are on the higher side, each day matters. Overall delay of 16 days after crime seems to be part of big conspiracy by the Pintos,” Thakur said.

CBI team is expected to reach the school on Saturday and collect documents related to the case from Gurugram police.

Thakur had raised suspicion that Pintos had influenced Gurugram police to destroy crucial evidences and manipulate eyewitnesses.

Thakur appealed to country’s leaders to expedite CBI inquiry which he said, hasn’t begun yet.

Ashok Kumar, the bus conductor, has been named as prime accused in the case.

“SIT holds Ashok responsible because he was masturbating in the toilet when Pradyuman entered and he tried to sodomise my child. But that is not motive enough as Ashok had not enmity with me or my son.” Thakur added.

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