Tension mounts ahead of N Korea’s ruling party anniversary on 10 Oct

As North Korea is all set to observe ruling party anniversary tomorrow, there is rising concern that the regime might use the occasion for another major nuclear test to celebrate the major holiday.

The lead Kim Jong-un had vowed over the weekend to build up his nuclear arsenal as ‘powerful deterrent’ against US who had “declared war” on his country.

At a major meeting, Kim has promoted his sister Kim Yo-jong, 30, to the nation’s top decision making body, along with  Foreign Minister Ri-Yong-ho who had warned the world last month of a possible hydrogen bomb test over Pacific.

North Korea has not staged major provocation since its claim of “hydrogen Bomb” test on 15 Sept and the threats from Trump too has mellowed down.

However, according to security analysts, the hiatus could be broken ‘anytime soon’ and military leaders in US to opine it could be ‘the calm before storm”.

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