Short-film director Jayan Kombanad found dead with throat slit

Kothamangalam(KERALA) : Short-film director Jayan Kombanad has been found dead with slit to his throat,  in a lodge here on Friday.

His roommate and photographer Joby,28, surrendered to the police confessing murder.

Jayan alias Jayakrishnan, from Kuruppumpadi separated from his family of two daughters and wife and runs a studio in Kothamangalam.

According to Joby, the two had drinks together and argued on need to augment income for days ahead.

 In the quarrel that ensued, Joby attacked Jayan with kitchen knife and slit his throat while latter fell to the floor.

According to police, there was another common friend who partied that evening but might have left before the quarrel began.

Joby says he spent the night sitting up and early Friday morning bathed, wore fresh clothes and walked to police station by 6.30 am to report the crime.

Forensic staff  have collected possible evidences from crime scene.

Jayan partnered with Jobby to produce short-film “Punyalante Nerchakozhi” and is said to have been working on the next project “Munthiri Vallikal”.


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