Will gouge eyes out, Will dismiss govt; Saroj Pandey provokes Kerala CPM

In an mindless outpour, BJP national general secretary and former Lok Sabha MP Saroj Pandey said if CPI(M) dared to eye BJP workers, the latter will barge into  houses to gouge out their eyes.

In heated rhetoric that continued, she said state governments in West Bengala and Kerala should function along democratic lines and should well remember that BJP rules at the centre.

And if need be, the party can dismiss state governments, she added.

Saroj was speaking on the sidelines of the inaugural function and said that the purpose of Jana Rakhsa Yathra was to drive home the message that dare not anyone provoke RSS or BJP activists.

CPM veterans like Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, Pinarayi etc responded by saying that such provocations are aimed at causing unrest and violence in the state adding that centre should oust such irresponsible leaders from their positions.

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