Mental Torture : Class X girl who jumped off the school building, dies

Thiruvanthapuram : Ganging up to crucify a student, a common practice in Kerala school staffrooms, proved lethal as 15-old Gauri Neha breathed her last in a private hospital after jumping off the school building this morning.

On 20th October, the teen had verbal conflict with  juniors and was summoned to the staffroom where teachers got together with the girl put on defence.

Upset by the sequence, Gauri took to jumping off the heights, sustaining grevious injuries.

Gauri was rushed to Ananthapuri hospital in the city where she was put on life support.

Police have booked a case against 2 teachers Sindhu and Crescent for abetting suicide. Both of them mentally tortured the girl according to girls’s father.

Gauri’s sibling of class 8th was made to sit amid boys as punishment by Crescent. Gauri reported the matter home and parents came to school to resolve the  issue. The incident however repeated once more.

Gauri’s siblings started to be teased by classmates which she went to sort out. In the verbal spat that ensued, teachers pulled her up at staffroom following which she took the extreme step.

In the absence of code of conduct for teachers, mental harassment, internal marks and such aspects give unbridled power to faculty to corner students who displease them.


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