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Govt to raise minimum mandatory net-speed nearly four times

Days of slow net is almost over as govt has kickstarted the process that will make minimum-mandated internet speed from existing 512 kbps to at least 2 mbps and more.

Telecom secretary Aruna Sundararajan said the govt was mindful of slow internet pain across users and also acknowledged that speeds are nowhere close to numbers promised by companies in 3G and 4G packs and advertisements.

“We are very slow. While we have done a lot to provide access, we have not been able to deliver quality service” she said.

And the issue is critical, as India prepares for rollout of 5G services as well as a host of other applications focused around internet-of-things(IoT), she added.

Asked if 2 Mbps is being pushed formed by regulator Trai too, she said “2 Mbps is basic minimum. We will mandate this. If at all, it should go higher not lower that ,”

Earlier Trai had in its report noted that advertised speeds differed substantially from actual.

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