Killer lady doctor from Kerala who eluded police might be dead in Malaysia

Police in Taliparmba have begun investigations to determine if the Malayali woman who died after falling from building roof in Malaysia, might be Dr. Omana, who hacked her lover into pieces in Ooty two decades ago.

In July of 1996 Omana Edadan killed her paramour, P Muraleedharan, a Payyyannur-based contractor by poisoning his food. She then dismembered the body and stuffed the chopped body parts in a suitcase.

The taxi driver who rode her with the baggage suspected something foul and alerted the police who arrested her.

Omana was a divorcee who developed affair with Muraleedharan, a married man. Her irk over him drifting away was stated as motive for murder. Omana managed to procure bail in January 2001 has evaded police since by fleeing the country without trace.

The Indian High Commission in Malaysia is following up the process to identify the woman.

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