Dr. Omana who hacked her lover is alive, dead woman is Merlin

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The woman died after falling off a  building in Malaysia and lay unidentified in mortuary over a month is not killer fugitive Omana Edadan.

The dead woman, who bears close resemblance to Omana gave rise to speculation that she might be the lady doctor who poisoned her paramour Muraleedharan in 1996 and was arrested while attempting to dispose his chopped remains in a suitcase.

Within a year of arrest however, Omana jumped bail and has since eluded police who have no clues to whereabouts.

All major newspapers carried picture of the dead woman prompting Omana’s relatives too to have a closer look.

However relatives from Valiyathura in Trivandrum identified the body as their 37-year-old kin Merlin Ruby and received the body.

Meanwhile Omana continues to dodge law and her look-alike Merlin cremated.

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