India’s inter-state migrations double, Kerala the favourite hub : WEF

New Delhi : A report by World Economic Forum(WEF)  says inter-state migration rate has doubled between 2001 and 2011 and Kerala is the most-sought after landing spot in the country.

The rate continues to grow at 4.5 per cent annually, it added.

The report also equalized birth rate in Kerala to that of Denmark with 1.6 children per woman while Bihar has it at 3.4 children per woman.
Per-capita income in Kerala is four times Bihar, a state  where the per-capita income roughly equaled Somalia, the report said.

India is home to one-fourth of 100 fastest-growing cities of the world and Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata featured among the 10 most populous urban areas worldwide.

Rural-to-urban exodus to improve one’s life is said to be the major contributor to economic growth.

On Malayali migrations within the country, the report said, Karnataka and Maharashtra were the major destinations.

The average annual interstate migration for the country numbered between 5 – 6 million in a year, the report concluded.

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