Love Jihad : Hadiya asked to appear before Supreme Court, Nov 27

New Delhi : Supreme Court on Monday said it has examined the controversial “love jihad” case  and will have Hadiya tell facts directly to find if her consent as an adult has been included in the alliance as also her version of how and why she married a Muslim man.

Hadiya will appear before the apex court on 27 Nov and the testimony will commence in the open court.

24-year-old Akhila Ashokan took the name Hadiya after converting to Islam following which she married a Muslim man she met on an Islamist matrimonial site.

Hadiya’s father has alleged that the marriage is a form of ISIS recruitment that’s gaining currency in Kerala.

In May, the Kerala High Court annulled the marriage and asked Hadiya to return to her parental home in Kottayam.

Her husband, Shafin Jehan, appealed against the annulment and moved the Suprme Court to also consider stopping NIA from investigating their marriage .


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