9-Yr-old who underwent blood transfusion in RCC not infected with HIV

Thiruvananthapuram : The nine-year old girl whose family claimed she was infected with deadly AIDS  following blood transfusion at Regional Cancer Centre, does carry the virus say RCC authorities.

The claim comes at the end of a series of lab tests in Chennai and the RCC authorities said they are awaiting the report for formal confirmation.

Govt had earlier ordered a probe after the child’s father claimed how his leukemia afflicted daughter tested positive for HIV following RCC treatment.

A team comprising experts from anti-retroviral therapy, pathology and blood bank were constituted for investigation.

Health minister had declared the govt would meet all medical expenses following the news break on alleged tragedy.

Police had questioned doctors and employees and seized medical records of the girl.

The girl had been under treatment at RCC since March and she allegedly tested positive for HIV during a routine blood test. Parents said they kept delaying a surgery and instead continued with antibiotics leaving the HIV column on health sheet blank. The family says doctors had advised parents to undergo HIV test which turned negative.

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