Dawood Ibrahim Upset Over Son’s Decision to Become Cleric-cum-Teacher

Underworld don Dawood Ibrahim suffers huge setback in personal life, as his 31-yr-old son Moin Nawaz D Kaskar refuses to tread father’s way rather opting for the low-key profession of a cleric-cum-religious-teacher.

Moin is said to be totally averse to father’s illegal activities that has made the family notorious and fugitives for entire life, Anti-Extortion Cell Head Pradeep Sharma told a news agency.

Dawood’s younger brother Iqbal Kaskar, nabbed in September by Thane AEC is said to have made the revelations.
“Moin is practically estranged from the family and all its business. It is not clear if he speaks with his father,” said encounter specialist Sharma.
Moin is also said to have abandoned his family’s palatial bungalow in uptown Clifton area to lead a merchant lifestyle in a mosque adjacent to their home, it is reported.

His wife Saniya and their three children too live in the small quarters provided by the mosque management along with him.

Sanya is daughter of a big businessman and helps with business activities in Pakistan and Britain.
Moin devotes himself to teaching Holy Quran and Islamic preachings to the young, calling prayers and coordinating ‘namaz’.

Investigators hope to extract more details on Dawood in coming days from Kaskar.


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