Complete Studies, Stand on Your Own Feet : SC sends Hadiya to Salem

Hadiya, the centre figure of controversial Love Jihad case arrived in Supreme Court amid heavy security involving Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Delhi police.

The Court had insisted on her personal appearance and the hour-long interaction with Hadia mostly centred around her continued studies.

The Court repeatedly asked her if she wished to complete her medical Homeopathy course to which she answered in the affirmative.

“When we all grow up, we have to survive on own own.Parents cannot take care of us for the rst of our lives…so you must have the ability to dtand on your own and live a life of dignity,” Justice DY Chandrachud advised Hadiya.

The court went on to to ask if she wanted to continue her studies under state expense.

Hadiya countered the question asking why should state be charged when her “husband” Shafin Jahan was willing to bear her expenses.

At one point, she expressed her wish to see Jahan and said she was kept in ‘unlawful custody’ for 11 months. The court responded saying it would appreciate the wish only if she wanted to resume studies.

Hadiya then asked whether she could have a local guardian at Salem. When the court suggested a family member, she refused,  saying then she would rather not have one.

Court later gave dean the responsibility to approach the apex court in case she encountered any problem in Salem.

The apex court ordered that Hadiya be accompanied by police in plainclothes to her college safely in Salem and instructed Tamil Nadu police to make necessary security arrangements for her pursuing studies.

The Court also left High Court’s annulling of the marriage intact and adjourned further proceedings until January.

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