Hadiya wants to meet husband, College says No

Salem(Tamil Nadu) : Taking a breather from parent’s custody and opening up to the apex court, Hadiya is back to her college in Coimbatore where the 25-year-old says she wishes to meet her ‘husband’ Shafin Jahan.

Lawyer representing Kerala govt and the State Women’s Commission had earlier clarified that SC has not prohibited Hadiya from meeting Shafin, however the college administration says a clear ‘no’ to her wishes saying she ‘is Akhila here not Hadiya’.

“See, I do not know who her husband is. She is still Akhila for us, and her guardians are her parents who admitted her. In the present scenario, I will not allow anyone except her parents. We will make sure that I or an official are present when her parents visit her,: principal Kannan told a newspaper.

Hadiya had earlier categorically dubbed the past few months of her stay as illegal confinement by her parents and is of the view that the present Supreme Court order is a victory for herself and Jahan.

Meanwhile, reacting to SC order, Hadiya’s father expressed satisfaction saying all he wanted was her to complete studies being just 11 months left into the course.

Hadiya’s father had resisted her wish to convert to Islam and approached the court saying that terror outfits were trying to transport his daughter to Syria.

Hadiya meanwhile got married to Shafin even as the hearing proceeded.

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