North to announce fully nuclear capability next year, says S Korea

According to South Korea Kim Jong Un’s regime is on the verge of announcing a full nuclear capability as its intercontinental ballistic missile program aimed at US mainland progresses at a fast pace.

South Korian unification ministr Cho Myoung-gyon told foreign correspondents in Seoul that 2018 will be ‘key year’ for the rogue nation which will celebrate its 70th anniversary since being established.

Cho said though North hasn’t tested another nuclear missile since September, the brief hiatus should not be overlooked.

The regime seems to be testing missile engines and fuels, he added.

Meanwhile Japyan’s Kyodo News claimed on Monday there were radio signals that indicated a possible missile launch from North Korea was imminent.

However, a  missile or movable launch pad isn’t visible yeat in the satellite images meaning the signals could be related to winter military training

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