Spat over concession, bus crew stab students in Kochi

Kochi : ITI students in Kochi got stabbed with sharp objects following spat with bus crew for speeding away even as the waiting students flagged it for regular commute.

Private bus “Mangalya” on Wednesday ignored ITI students from Maradu who gestured for a halt. Students then blocked the bus and started to cram in when the bus started moving and one them Vishnu fell off the footboard.

As arguments heated up, the bus cleaner attacked the students with a sharp object injuring eight students who were later admitted to Ernakulam district hospital.

Following the incident, police have taken the bus and its driver, conductor and cleaner into custody.

During peak hours, some buses are hesitant to take in students owing to concessional ticket charge.

“Mangalya” operates between Maradu and Nettur.

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